★ The fool proof way to update your iDevice to iOS 5

Here’s the method that I used to upgrade 4 iPhones 4’s and 2 iPad 2’s today. Not only did it work, but it worked first time without any mucking around, connection issues, or any other of the dramas that have been all over twitter today.

  1. Connect your iPhone to your computer and sync it with iTunes
  2. Once the sync has finished click Restore

Your iTunes with then download the specific iOS5 update required for your iDevice, and restore it back to the factory setup but with a new shiny version of iOS 5.
Now here comes the tricky part, when your iDevice reboots iTunes will ask you if you would like to set it up as a new device, or from a backup…choose to Restore from the backup of: “the backup we did in step 1”.
It’s really that simple.
Update..you can of course manually backup your iDevice by right clicking on your iDevice in the Devices list in iTunes and select backup, this will likely take up to 10 minutes, but it’s a FULL backup and thus you’re double protected!