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★ New Amazon Kindles and Tablets

Some quick points, pros and cons if you will, on the new Amazon Kindle devices
announced in New York overnight (Australian time);

  • they all look quite nice
  • they will likely be a pretty decent 1st generation release
  • they’re still Android based (I prefer iOS)
  • they’re aggressively priced
  • they’re not an iPad competitor if you use your iPad for work
  • Amazon will sell a lot of these
  • they’re not available to buy till mid-November
  • Amazon will likely sell even more Kindle Books now 
  • in Australia, at least for a while, we won’t be able to buy these anywhere but

Competition sparks innovation, and whilst this is no “iPad Killer” (I really hate the usage of that phrase in the tech press world), it will certainly make Apple look at how it is handling it’s content distribution, eg. iBook Store, Newsstand, etc. as Amazon is pretty much the leader in that class.

Personally I doubt I’ll be buying a Kindle any time soon, I already have an iPad 2 and whilst the reading experience is better on a Kindle I don’t see the point in carrying the extra device just for that single purpose. Oh and yes I use my iPad for work, and the particular apps I have to use are iOS / OS X only and unlikely to ever be on an Android device.