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★ Dear Aeropelican

If I could teach your business one thing, and one thing only. Learn some consistency.
I left Newcastle with 12kg baggage, I took it all as carry on, with 4 other passengers on my flight to Sydney.
The check in girl in Sydney made me check just about all of it, and then she bad mouthed Newcastle check in staff about their abilities when I questioned why I was able to leave Newcastle with the same baggage as what I was going back with.
All in all it was a pretty crap experience, specially after traveling for 24 hours, and specially considering the ticket price.
I hate that apart from driving myself to Sydney, you and The Happy Crappy Cabby are the next best options.
(I wrote this post when I was quite angry in Sydney Airport after not being allowed into the QANTAS Club, after travelling from Europe with QANTAS, and after not having any more than maybe 4 hours sleep in the past 30 odd hours.)