★ Looks like I've got a feed problem

I sort of expected there would be a few little teething problems with my move back to the land of self-hosted blogs. I thought there would just be a bunch of broken links, some images not showing up, just the usual hazards of moving…..but I never anticipated that my RSS feed would be all busted up.

Previously Feedburner was pulling the feed via http://mathewpacker.com which was working without drama, even with the move, till I decided that I wanted to have an actual “home” page and separate it from the blog page “blog”. Yeh I said blog too many times then.

Doing it this way is creating duplicates for some reason, and also doing some other weird things with “read more” links even though the entire article is viewable. Really weird and very annoying, specially to the couple of people who pointed it out to me.

After a bit of dicking around, uninstalling plugins, and redirecting the entire RSS feed, I think I have it under control. There’s every chance that it might be still be broken, and unfortunately it’s really only something I can test by publishing articles here.

So basically I’m here to ask for a little bit of patience whilst I sort this problem out. Don’t delete my article feed, if it’s showing up as duplicates after this one flick me a quick email, mathew.packer [at] gmail.com and let me know, thanks.

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