★ Re-learning to develop

Lately I’ve wanted to get back into coding, just based web development stuff like I used to do. I don’t want to do it for work, or for pay, just to keep my brain working and fresh.

I’ve got MAMP on my MacBook Pro, I’ve got the latest builds of WordPress, MediaWiki, and a bunch of different HTML and CSS snippets as well as other random code-y stuff…and of course a couple of decent development tools in Coda, BBEdit, and Versions.

The only problem I have left is that this blog is on Squarespace, now that’s not really a bad problem because Squarespace is gorgeous and just works….but I’ve found myself wondering if I should go back to my own hosting again, which is somewhat counter intuitive considering I moved from a self-hosted WP installation to stop myself playing too much.

Meanwhile, my trip to Europe has been going well and travelling with just carry-on luggage has given me so much freedom and speed getting in and out of airports. I keep meaning to post a photo or two of my bag / packing setup to post to Pack Light. Go Fast. Maybe I’ll do that tomorrow.