★ Blogging blockage

You may have noticed the lack of content around here lately, well the lack of new content at least. Well not a lot has happened lately apart from the usual routine of work, work, work, work, work, golf, family time…..rinse and repeat.

Work wise I’ve got 3 fairly large projects going on that have had me very focused. Unfortunately there’s not a lot of detail I can give about these projects at this stage, but once they are completed I might say a bit more.

Golf wise we had our annual club championships over the last 2 weekends. I played pretty poorly over the 3 rounds, however managed to keep it all together enough to take 2nd place. The biggest drama I had / have with my game at the moment is chipping, really gotta work on that part of my game as I reckon it cost me about 15 shots over the 3 rounds, and considering I was 5 shots behind the winner……..

Family wise all is well in the Packer household. Travis is getting bigger and smarter every day, man you should see that kid with my old 1st gen iPad.

It amazes me how kids just dominate technology these days. Travis is not even 2 years old and can unlock the iPad, open up the Video app and start up one of his Pixar type movies, open up YouTube and go to history and watches Wiggles videos among a bunch of other videos, and he also has a handful of age appropriate educational games that he plays with regularly too.

There’s a couple of other smallish things I’m working on that I might be able to write up next week, just waiting to have a chat with someone on Skype about one of the things.

And that’s about it…..

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