★ The Truth About Square

I came across this quote in my RSS feeds this morning, linked from Ben Brooks, originally from Ed Oswald at Technologizer.

I’ve taken a look at the app and its kind of disappointing. First off there’s no barcode support at all, thus this is useless for just about any business outside of restaurants. There’s also no easy way to run end-of-day reports — something most bookkeepers will tell you that is necessary to make sure your books are straight. Businesses need point-of-sale systems to be fully functional, and Square isn’t.

The concept behind Square is quite interesting, it’s a bit of a swipe at the old style of credit card processing, but in terms of being a replacement for your cash register, well I think it’s a little early for that, specially in Australia where many of us still pay with cash when we’re grabbing coffees, sandwiches, etc.

Now if Square were to open up their API so that other applications were able to leverage their payment gateway then that might be pretty interesting. I’d be one of the first to submit a feature request to Xsilva to get the gateway built into Lightspeed, which is what we use as our POS at Schiller and still to this day we have to manually process all of our credit card payments. It’s a pain in the butt.

(Via The Brooks Review)