★ Golf Mantras

Just so you all know how easy it is to simply walk onto a golf course and hit a ball, this is the pre-shot routine that I’m currently trying to drum into my head so it becomes second nature.

  • What club are you using, where does the ball need to be positioned for that club.
  • Don’t point your feet at the target, you know that you need to keep them parallel to the target.
  • Relax your grip pressure, you know you always grip the club to tight.

This is all after I’ve taken into account the distance I want to hit the ball, the club I plan on using for the shot I want to play, the wind direction and speed, and the lie position of the ball on the grass (ie. into the grain or against the grain), as well as a general “how well are you hitting them today tiger” feeling.

You can see why I find it such a relaxing sport right?