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★ iOS 4, it's awesome

This morning, Australian time, Apple rolled out the latest iPhone operating system update, now called iOS. And I must say, it’s pretty darn awesome!

So far my favourite new features are;

  • home screen wallpaper
  • app folders
  • the universal inbox
  • multi-tasking
  • gmail / mail app support

I’ll give you a quick little pitch about each of the new features I’m digging so far.

Home Screen Wallpaper

It’s such a little ‘feature’ but it completely changes the look and feel of my iPhone. One of my favourite things about the iPad is that I can change the wallpaper based on my mood, the work I’m doing, and whatever other justification I decide to use each time I change it…and now I can do the same on my iPhone.

App Folders

Previously I had about 10 pages of apps, seriously, and it was a pain in the butt to organise each page of apps, and then to navigate between the 1st and last pages. Now with the ability to add ‘folders’ of applications I’ve managed to turn 10 pages into 3, AND I’ve also managed to hide all the Apple default apps that I never use and cannot delete.

Better Gmail Support

Recently I moved all my personal “domain name based” emails over to gmail, it’s made life a lot easier….however it wasn’t really well supported in the mail app on the iPhone and any time I did anything gmail related on my iPhone I ended creating new mailboxes because the mail app didn’t play as nicely with gmail….well now it does.

Universal Inbox

On my work iPhone I have 5-6 different email accounts, it used to be a bit of mucking around to navigate between the accounts, specially when I was folder deep in one account and needed to get all the way out and into another account. The universal inbox makes it a whole lot easier to see all your new emails in one handy location, of course if you’re folder deep in one account it’s still the same process to navigate back out but if you’re like me and keep a very clean inbox then you’ll find it does make life easier.


I never new I was missing multi-tasking until I had it….well Apple’s version of multi-tasking that is. Basically it’s like fast app switching, which totally makes sense and so far has worked well for when I’m flicking in and out of mail, my rss reader, and all the while listening to a podcast. I just became that much more productive, don’t tell my boss though!

With these new features being a bit of a teaser of what to come with the new iPhone, I for one cannot wait! Bring on iPhone 4!