★ Apple iPad Australian Pricing?

Well the iPad launch came and went and as predicted Apple sold huge numbers of iPads on launch day, and every day since. Apple reported first day sales figures of 300,000 units, and that’s for a product that very few people had seen in the flesh, held, used, etc. That’s just amazing!

History tells us that the iPod was a success, the iPhone was a success, and now it looks likely that the iPad will be too, specially when you consider that the iPad outsold both the iPod and iPhone at launch and neither the iPod or iPhone were launched during a recession.

Anyway, we’re likely to see the iPad launched in Australia at the end of the month and I’m not ashamed to admit I’m counting the days in my calendar till I get my hands on one. Fortunately I’m lucky enough to not have to pay for my iPad as my work is really keen to integrate it into our sales reps workflow.

And now for the million dollar question;

How much will the iPad cost in Australia?

At this stage only Apple knows, however I’ve done a bit of speculating and come up with some figures that I think the Wifi version of the iPad will sell at in Australia.

So what do you think, reckon I’m on the money or way off?

Apple iPad Pricing in Australia

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