★ My iPhone (after the app cull)

iPhone Here’s my iPhone screen today, the 2nd of March 2010, after a big trial of different applications, how often I access them, what I’m using them for, and how easy / hard they are to use quickly on 3G.

Here’s a bit of a rundown of what is here, links to the apps, and why I’m using each of them. From left to right, then row after row;

Messages – well this is an obvious one, it’s how I receive SMS and MMS messages (well derr) but from what I’ve seen a lot of people have it on their home bar. I like having my home bar with just the 3 apps on it as I find it easier to use quickly.

Calendar – Kind of an obvious one, I use iCal on my MacBook and this syncs nice and easy without any questions.

Voice Memos – Being the sort of person I am, I always have random ideas at random times of the day. The Voice Memos app makes it easy to quickly voice the idea, quicker than typing up a note, for later exploration.

Settings – With all the flying and time zone changing I’ve done lately I decided to move the Settings app to the home screen so I could access it faster as I have been using it so much.

Flip Clock – When I’m in a hotel, or even in the office, I like to have a clock near by so I can see what time it is…sure I could just use the clock on OS X’s menu bar, but it’s not as pretty as a big screen flip clock.

Things – I use Things on my laptop as my task management app of choice, so it makes sense to use the same app on my iPhone as they sync over wifi easily, and allows me to manage my tasks on the go.

Simplenote – There’s so many note taking apps out there, plus Apple’s built in one, and most of them are pretty good from what I’ve seen and heard. Simplenote works well for me, is it better than any other note taking app???

NetNewsWire – I played around with a couple of other RSS feed readers and ended up sticking with NetNewsWire as it just worked quickly and without hassle, I also use their desktop application.

Foursquare – I’m addicted to Foursquare (blog article upcoming) so it’s a total gimme to have the Foursquare app on my home screen.

Ego – Ego is a cool little analytics app that allows you to check on your Feedburner subscription numbers, Twitter followers, Google Analytics, Mint stats, as well as a number of other services. It’s handy it you’re a blogger and can’t help but check your stats throughout the day.

Safari – Everyone needs a web browser, Safari is good and I use it regularly. Plus it’s not like you have many other options on the iPhone at the moment.

Hipstamatic – Hipstamatic is the coolest damn iPhone camera app. Just check it out, totally worth it, and check out the different ‘packs’ you can buy to expand the app further.

The only other apps in use are the Phone, Mail, and iPod apps that are on the launch bar (I guess that’s what you call it) and I like keeping it to three apps there only as it not only looks neater but makes it easier to use.

So there you go, a little run down on what I’m using, why I’m using it, and in some cases why it’s on my home screen.

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