Photography portfolios I’m digging

Most photographers like checking out other photographers work. It something that goes with the territory because after all we all like photographs. So here’s a selection of photographers work that I’m really enjoying, let’s get started.

Chase Jarvis

Chase’s portfolio is really simply laid out, very easy to navigate, and most importantly full of really great imagery. Another big part of Chase’s portfolio is his blog where he shares copious quantities of information about his work, photographers he likes, and all sorts of little tips and tricks.

Warwick Saint

There’s some quite recognisable celebrity and muso faces in Warwick Saint’s portfolio. Names like Jaime King, Lady Gaga, Malin Ackerman, Bar Rafaeli, Eva Mendez, and Daniel Craig are easy to spot on his home page, and there’s certainly some recognisable images in the galleries. Another enjoyable part of Warwick’s portfolio is his about page which gives us an insight as to what’s driven his success.

Signe Vilstrup

Signe is a Danish photographer whose photography has appeared in many European advertising campaigns, countless magazines, and has worked with some quite famous models. His portfolio is a mixture of nicely toned black and whites, muted colours, and even the odd super saturated high colour set. The only let down for me is that it’s a flash based site and can be a little slow to load.

That’s only a small selection of the photographers whose work is inspiring me to try more, shoot more, strive for more connection with my images. There’s a whole bunch more, I could go on and on about Sarah Kehoe, Aneta Kowalczyk, Julie Pike, Marius Hansen, Paulo Sutch, and many others….but I wont in this post.

So go check out those portfolios, tell me who you think I should be checking out as well.