★ Foxtel Download Service – FAIL

foxtel-failToday marked what should’ve been a big win for Foxtel, finally they’ve setup and launched their download service and now Foxtel subscribers all over Australia can download and play loads of different shows on their computers…..unless of course you a Mac user, then you’re boned.

I was really looking forward to this new Foxtel Download Service, it meant that now we could watch Foxtel shows on the iMac in our bedroom and we wouldn’t have to go to the expense of getting another Foxtel box and a TV……but no, Foxtel of course had other ideas and has decided that this is a Windows only thing..

Not only is it Windows only, but they freely admit that they will likely install the .net framework and Silverlight on your computer….on the plus side, they do still support IE6..hah

Thanks Foxtel. If you weren’t the only way I could watch the A-League you would’ve just lost a subscriber.

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