★ Weigh in Week 3

Week 3 has been quite an eventful one with my wife Cath going into labour early, very early, Tuesday morning culminating with the birth of our first child and son Travis just after 12pm on Tuesday afternoon.

It’s definitely been a difficult week trying to stick with the diet properly. On Tuesday I pretty well ate nothing all day, and it wasn’t overly different the rest of the week. Two nights after I arrived home quite late from the hospital I cracked and got some nasty takeaway, though with all the ‘corridor walking’ around the John Hunter that I’ve done this week I think I worked most of it out of my system.

Weight wise I dropped 2.5kg this week, which also lowered my BMI a little. I also lost a little more off of my waist and hips, so even though I didn’t stick to the eating plan it wasn’t a total write off of a week.

BMI 33.43, Weight 91.5kg, Neck 43.5cm, Chest 107cm, Right bicep 38.5cm, Left bicep 33.5cm, Waist 105.5cm, Hips 103cm

Below is the updated graph.

Weight Loss Week 3

This week I’m hoping we get a little more settled around the house and can get out with Travis, and the dog too, and do some walking. And between Cath and myself we’ll get back to cooking proper meals, eating decent snacks, and all that good stuff.

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