★ Hotel Review: Oaks Gallery Apartments, Adelaide

Earlier this week I was in Adelaide to demo some new software to one of our cardiology clients, and when I was looking for a place to stay my Dad suggested I stay in the brand new Oaks Gallery Apartments. Now when I say brand new, I think they’re actually about a month or two old, but that’s still pretty well brand new in the life of an apartment building.
Just like the Quest Apartments I stayed at in Brisbane a week or two ago, the Oaks Gallery Apartments are serviced apartments where you have all the facilities of home, ie. kitchen, laundry, dining room, separate bedrooms, etc. on top of the usual hotel type things. Being so new the apartment was really clean, almost like no one had ever actually stayed there before.

Location wise, and me not knowing Adelaide very well, I kind of had the feeling that I was staying a ways outside the city area even though Morphett Street is only a short walk away from King William Street and also Gouger Street and all the restaurants there. Also Adelaide is such a flat city, specially compared to say Brisbane and Melbourne, so it’s quite easy to walk all around the city area. The only downside of the location is that there’s 2-3 building sites really close by, one in fact is right behind the Oaks Gallery Apartments, so it’s quite noisy from about 7am above and beyond the usual city noise.

I basically had no interaction with any of the staff beyond checking in, and something else you’ll find out about at the end of this blog, so I don’t really have any comments about their performance. They seemed nice though.

All in all it was a nice place to stay in, though like most new hotels there are bound to be a few teething problems (there was no phone in my apartment, though it did have the intercom to open the front door), but for the most part the Oaks Gallery Apartments are a nice place to stay if you’re visiting Adelaide and looking to have an apartment type set up instead of just your standard hotel room. Price wise they’re comparable to all the other serviced apartments, I think I paid $159.00 a night for the 2 bedroom apartment.<

And now for the kicker….

So whenever I go into a new serviced apartment, particularly ones I've never been in before, I like to take a good look around and for the purposes of my blog I take photos of everything so I can do these reviews, so how surprised was I when I opened up the microwave and saw this.


It stank something chronic, like it had been there for a day or two, and having no phone in the room I had to actually go back down to reception to tell them. Fortunately they sent someone up pretty quickly to take care of it, but c’mon I’d expect that they check these sorts of things every time someone checks out of an apartment.

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Disclosure: This was not a ‘paid for’ review, nor did I not receive any discounts, free accommodation, or any other compensation for this review.