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★ Twitter Spam

It’s good to finally see the admins at Twitter doing something about the amount of spam on the network, however there’s still way too many self-proclaimed ‘SEO Gurus’, ‘Internet Marketers’, ‘Social Networking Consultants’, and other nicer ways of saying ‘spam accounts’ for my liking….

This is one the big reasons I don’t use the network anymore, and also I’m finding that there’s little to no value in it for my line of work, not to mention that it’s such a massive time consumer. I often wonder if the people that are on there constantly are either unemployed, under-employed, or just the most awesome ‘Getting Things Done’ (GTD) gurus.

Social networks have a lot to offer both individuals and businesses

I think each of the social networks out there has a lot to offer both individuals and businesses, however until there is a better way of actually verifying accounts and weeding out all the spammy stuff then the value of time spent on social networks will just not be justifiable, specially from a business point of view. And yeh you can argue the business reputation management and that whole line of thinking, and yes from that point of view it makes sense, however you really need to be a big brand to see the value there…..coz everyone likes to stick it to the big companies.

Anyway, this is just a bit of a non-sensical rant…I’m still getting over a cold / flu so I feel like I need to have a few rants or something..hah