★ Niederwalddenkmal monument in Rudesheim

After we finished work yesterday my host here in Germany, Ralf, took me on another quick sight seeing tour. We went back toward the area we visited a couple of days ago, but not quite as far this time. The town we stopped in is called Rudesheim and it sits on the banks of the Rhine River. It’s a very pretty town with very narrow streets and lots and lots of pubs.

From there we went up to the Niederwalddenkmal monument which is up on the hillside above Rudesheim. The monument is huge, and these photos definitely don’t do it justice. The Niederwalddenkmal monument is perched at the edge of the forest, 250 m above the Rhine, and was designed to symbolize the re-establishment of the german Empire and Germany’s unity. It was erected between 1877 and 1883.

The main statue on top is the traditional Germania figure, and on the left is the war statue, and on the right is the peace statue. The central relief is the German emperor William I, and riding on horses with him are the nobles, some army commanders, and soldiers.






The other photos, ie. not of the Niederwalddenkmal monument, are looking from the monument back down to Rudesheim and the Rhine River, and all the vineyards.

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