★ Not another cold……

Well it’s well and truly into the cold and flu season in Australia, not taking into account the whole swine flu pandemic of course, and what do you know I’m already onto my second cold. And just like the last one it’s just one week out from my planned trip to Germany.

Speaking of cold, wow I completely forgot how crisp and cold it gets in Melbourne. I arrived in Melbourne yesterday at 11am and it was only 7 degrees. 7 degrees at 11am! Newcastle hasn’t even been getting close to that with our night time temps.

Back to colds…. So far I’ve been dosing up on Lemsip and Neurofen, and for the most part it’s working. Each day I’ve been feeling better. I’m thinking I might give the new Panadol Cold n Flu tablets a go as apparently they’re pretty good….plus I’m out of Lemsip.

Anyway, here’s a bunch of photos I shot yesterday while on the road to Shepparton.


And here’s the hotel room I stayed in. It’s at the Mantra Apartments on Exhibition St, Melbourne (formerly the Pacific International Apartments). It’s a pretty comfortable room, and has a nice view over the city.


I need a coffee, and I have to head out to the airport for my flight back to Newcastle, so it’s about time I sign off and go get ready.

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