★ Let The Entraining Begin!


For the last couple of months I’ve been seeing a golf coach to try and drop my handicap. When I started seeing him I was off 32, and 2 months later I still am. My swing has improved dramatically, I’m hitting longer and straighter at the driving range, for the most part I’m a better golfer…..but for the life of me I can’t seem to put it together on the course.

It’s so damn frustrating!!

Last night I was up late, I was googling around and came across a thing called ‘entraining’. Brainwave Entraining is basically quieting, or turning off, the left side of your brain so that the right side is allowed to have more control over what’s going on.

Now how does that apply to golf you say.

Research proves that the average golfer uses only the left side of the brain when contemplating a shot. This is the side that is preoccupied with half-remembered tips, advice and repetitive drills – the unwanted ‘noise’ that clutters the mind, and hampers good golf. – Dr Jason Gregg

There’s plenty of arguments across the internet that seems to support this research, and a lot of it can be applied to my game of golf, ie. over think the shot, hook it right / slice it left..grahh get frustrated and then ruin the whole round as I can’t relax into the game from there.

For example, last weekend I hit a terrible tee shot out of bounds on the 1st, duffed my second shot, got my brain settled enough to knock my next two shots straight up the fairway, knocked the next up onto the green, 3 putted to hole out with an triple bogey. A triple bogey on what could’ve been a birdie hole so easily, what the hell!

The second wasn’t a hell of a lot better. My frustration from the 1st ended up following me through all 18 holes, though I think I did end up paring 2 holes, and I finished the round with 112 which is completely woeful.

At this point I’ll give anything a try.

Anyway, I’ve been doing some research on entraining and relaxation techniques to try and counteract my left brain, hopefully it’ll make a difference. I’ll keep you posted.

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