★ Optus 'clean feed' comes to Newcastle & Sydney

Great Wall of China

Overnight Optus has announced that their customers in Sydney and Newcastle will now be subjected to two levels of filtering on their dsl services as part of the trial of the controversial Australian Government’s “Clean Feed”.

Basically we’ll be subjected to the filtering for a 6 week trial, beginning on May 22nd, and we will be given the option of opting out of the top bottom tier of the filter, ie. non-restricted / classified porn and other such websites, however we cannot opt out of the top tier filtering which is everything on the ACMA’s blacklist.

As a customer of Optus, I’m really not impressed that we cannot opt out of the whole damn thing. And it’s very disappointing that they’ve decided to jump on board the Government’s censorship bandwagon, the cynic in me thinks that they might just be trying to win the Government’s favour with the roll out of the so-called National Broadband Network (NBN).

So the choices I have now is to walk away from Optus, I’d probably take my service to Internode or someone else, or alternatively stay with Optus and install some different bits and pieces of software to actually record some real world use of the internet under the Great Wall of K.Rudd.

Shame Optus Shame

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