★ Trip postponed, Cold vs Swine Flu

With the upgrade overnight of the WHO Swine Influenza ‘pandemic’ to level 5, and my inability to properly kick this cold, I’ve decided to put off my trip to Germany for a couple of weeks. Last thing I want to do is sit on a plane for 22 hours with this cold only to arrive into Germany and probably end up getting quarantined seeing as I do have symptoms of influenza, ie. temperature, runny nose, etc.

It kind of blows to have to change everything, but it’s better safe than sorry right, and let’s face it we’ll know a whole lot more about Swine Influenza in the next week seeing as it’s spreading so fast and we’re getting a lot of new information on a daily basis.

With any luck I’ll be better on Saturday, and maybe get to play in the Gloucester Country Club, Club Championships which start this weekend. Need more cold n flu drugs, stat!

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