★ Exetel joins Internet filtering trial, but puts a spin on it

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At work we use Exetel as our DSL provider, and as the IT admin I was a little disappointed and slightly shocked when I received the following email from Exetel Admin this morning.

Later today Exetel will commence a short (5 day) trial of what is claimed to be a non-intrusive internet site filtering system. By ‘non-intrusive’ is meant something that a user will not notice in terms of any browsing or file downloading speed differences.

The reason that Exetel is doing this trial is that our belief to date is that any future mandatory internet site ‘filtering’ will impose significant costs on Exetel and significant slow downs on our customers. Since the current Labor Federal Government announced its intentions to impose some form of internet censorship we have looked at various ways that we could implement it (should it ever become necessary) at the lowest possible cost and with the lowest possible speed degradation. To date, our view has been that no such solution exists.

We are trialing the one possible solution that, while certainly costing an ISP a significant amount of money, claims to have almost zero/actually zero affect on a user’s speeds of service. Having discussed with the vendor why this would be possible we can see it could be feasible. We will, later today, turn on this ‘filter’ and will make our own observations on how much, if at all, speeds are affected for our whole user base. Our confident expectation is that no Exetel customer will notice, or be subject to, any speed degradation and we also doubt that any Exetel customer will experience a ‘blocked site’.

Our sole purpose in running this trial is to put ourselves in a position to deal with any future imposed content filtering system imposed by the Australian Labor party by conforming to any legal requirement without imposing seed degradation on our customers.

While we are confident that 99.999% of our customers will neither notice a speed difference once the trial starts nor will have any pages blocked please log a fault in the normal way if you do encounter any difficulty or report blocked pages here:



Exetel network Engineering

Interesting spin indeed.

So that’s both providers that I deal with regularly trialling the “Great Wall of K.Rudd”, also known as the Clean Feed, talk about unlucky.

So what are your thoughts, is this a proactive move by Exetel to gather ‘real world data’ or are they just putting a good spin on decision to fall into the line with what the Australian Government want?

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