★ Head Of State – "The Spirit Of The Staircase"

I’ve been working with one of my mates bands, Head Of State, for a couple of years now and as some of you may know the band went into the studio at the end of January to record a double album. Now a double album is not something most bands do at any stage in their career, let alone on debut, so this release is pretty huge and from my brief research I don’t think it’s ever been done before in the history of the Newcastle music scene.

So anyway the boys spent a couple of days in the studio, recorded 23 tracks, and have since spent hour upon hour mixing, and finally the end of the recording road is in sight as the albums have just been mastered. And of course lucky me has a preview copy already…and damn it is good.

The band isn’t 100% sure of the release date yet, however they have decided to do it independently and completely self-funded which is a good move by my reckoning. At this stage I think it’s likely to be available for sale some time mid-May, once all the official bits and pieces of paperwork are done, disks are duplicated, album covers are printed, etc.

For the time being you can listen to a couple of tracks on their Facebook, and also on their Myspace. My favourite tracks out of those available to listen to are;

  • Your Own Life
  • Siento Iguales
  • Red Sky
  • Little Part Of You

And you should hear some of the other songs they’re saving! Even without being good mates, this album would have been on my iPod straight away..definitely a keeper.

And in other news, here’s a mockup of the album cover… (click to enlarge)

headofstate-frontcover.jpg headofstate-backcover.jpg

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