★ The times, they are a changing

So those who are close to me knew of my plans to begin full time freelancing this week, yesterday in fact. Basically I was throwing of the shackles of 9-5 working life and going into coding full time. It was a grandiose plan, with more money and a more relaxing life…….at least it was in the way I was envisioning it.

And then reality kicked in

Shit, what if my clients don’t pay their bills on time, what if I can’t get more clients, etc. I have faith in my ability to get something like this going under normal circumstances, however in this current economic climate I don’t think you can take anything for granted.

And along came Medilog Holter


My current employer, SCHILLER Australia, picked up a new product range late last year which was once the premier brand in it’s category….and it was all but impossible to sell against it. Through a series of ‘dumb’ business decisions the brand lost a lot of the edge it had on the competition and essentially became just another competitor.

Now that SCHILLER owns the Medilog Holter range / brand we want to restore it back to its former glory in Australia and I’ve been given the opportunity to do that. Basically I’ll be the National Product Manager for the range and after some extensive training, in Austria (woooot), later in the month I’ll be hitting the road 4-5 days a week visiting the current client base across Australia introducing myself to them, fixing problems, etc.

Positives / Negatives

It should be an interesting job, I’ll get to travel all over Australia, and I go on a bonus scheme based on reaching targets which potentially means more money…

And on the negative side, with a baby on the way and me being away from home quite a lot it will be more difficult for Cath, not to mention that traveling a lot does get tiring.

Definitely some interesting times ahead, for better or worse I’ve committed myself to this job change for the next 2 years and if the job goes like I think it will it could actually be quite rewarding.

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