★ How long until your Twitter account outranks your blog?

twitter-namechange.pngWith the changes made overnight (Australian time) it looks like Twitter is making a play for better search rankings for its user’s profiles. The seemingly innocuous change of putting your name (username) on Twitter, in my case it’s Mathew Packer (matpacker) on Twitter, will influence your twitter profile’s ranking in search results. If you currently have a website / blog that ranks first for your name that might be about to change.

As you can see in this screencap this website currently ranks 1st for ‘mat packer’ and is closely followed by my twitter profile / username, granted if you search my full name ‘mathew packer’ twitter is almost no where to be seen. (I’ve since added my full name on twitter so we’ll see if that changes things much)


So what does it mean?

Well if your one of those people that relies heavily on traffic coming to your website you might find yourself with a bit of a problem as most people searching for you are likely to end up on your twitter profile and not on your website. This might mean loss of revenue, less traffic, lower page views, etc…

So what do I do about it?

There’s a few little things you can do make your twitter profile into some what of a landing page for your website.

For example;

  • Make sure you’ve completed all the profile fields, specially the link back to your website / blog
  • Customize your twitter profile so that it resembles your website / blog more (article on twittip), if you cannot do it yourself talk to your friendly freelance web designer as I’m sure he / she would be able to help.
  • If your website / blog is a tool for selling professional services or products, make sure you present yourself well on twitter, ie. no swearing, no pointless arguing, no inappropriate comments, etc.
  • Ask yourself, “would I put this on the front page of my website?” if the answer is no, then don’t put it on twitter because people will see it
  • And if you’re a brand, ie. Qantas, Optus, Apple, etc. don’t just use your twitter profile to broadcast tweets, get involved in the conversation and if you do have something relevant on your website then link people back to it.

Twitter is growing in importance on a daily basis, and if you find your twitter account outranks your website on Google then you really need to use your twitter account wisely. Hopefully these tips might help you out.

If you’ve got any other ideas on how to make your twitter profile a better landing page, you agree or disagree with what I’ve said here, then leave a comment below or talk to me on twitter.

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