★ Adsense for Parked Domains, now in Australia

Adsense for Domains

Got any old domain names lying around not doing anything? Google has now opened up the Adsense for Domains product to pretty well all of the world, I’m in Australia and it’s now working for me.

The way Adsense for Domains works is you make some changes to your A record and CNAME record at your domain register with some information that Google provides you with and instead of your domain register earning money off of your parked domains you’ll now earn it.

Chances are it wont be a lot of money, but if you’ve got an older domain that was once an active website you still might get a little bit of search traffic to that domain, particularly if it still has a little bit of page rank left.

This morning I’ve set up a couple of my old domains;






If you clicked on any of those links you’ll see the layout is a pretty standard ‘parked domain’ type thing, nothing special really but if people do click on any of those links you’ll get a few coins. And in this economy those coins are much better in my pocket than say GoDaddy or some other domain name registrars.

Anyway, if you’ve got an Adsense account and some old domains sitting round doing nothing, give Adsense for Domains a look.

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