★ Two months down, goal check time

Well February is over and out and I figured it would be a good time to have quick check over the goals I set for 2009 back on the 2nd of January.  

I think that it’s always good to check in on your goals to see how you’re progressing, to see whether you need to re-evaluate them, and to make any adjustments to them depending on whether your priorities have shifted or are being maintained.

Goals are kind of like a business plan, it’s good to have one to shape the direction that you and / or your business is heading in, but they should also be adjustable depending on many variables.

Anyway, enough rambling on…time to check in on my goals for 2009;

  • More Traffic – at this point traffic is back down to 120 uniques a day, and 1.61 page views, however I haven’t really been writing many articles so that is to be expected.
  • More Subscribers – this number hasn’t changed much from the end of 2008.
  • More Content – nope, I’m probably averaging around 3 articles a week here, however on I’m With The Band we range between 4 articles and 20 articles a day. I’m trying to rectify this as much as possible on this blog, and will shortly be starting a new series of articles.
  • Guest Bloggers – I haven’t sorted out any guest bloggers to write articles for this blog.
  • ‘Static’ Blog Design – the design here has been reasonably static, though I will admit that I have changed it twice now, and as recently as yesterday, however it’s been for a good reason
  • Maintain my own blogging voice – without a doubt I’ve been writing with my own voice here, and I guess the main reason that has been easy to do is that this blog has morphed back into being a personal blog, full of my own opinion, thoughts, and random snippets of my life.

goal-setting.jpgGoing through that list above it’s pretty plain to see that I’ve not really achieved anything, what a slacker, etc. however I have reasons / excuses.

By now we’re all familiar with the credit crisis, the stock market crash, and all those banks and companies that pretty well killed off every economy in the world. Well my 9-5 employer has been affected by it and we saw a significant downturn in sales, mostly in the projects area which was in my portfolio. With that downturn, and lack of sales from my client portfolio, I’ve agreed to work for them on a contract only basis, ie. I work for them only when they need me to.

I’ve already seen my wage drop significantly and as of April 1st I’ll begin my ‘contract’ with them and that will see my regular income drop to zero. Some weeks it might be up around my normal levels, the next it could be back to zero.

Not having an assured weekly wage will be damn hard to work with.

So what am I doing about it? Over the last few months I’ve steadily been building a website design portfolio, along with actually designing websites for clients, and with that and some excellent contacts I’ve made I’m going to start working as a freelance website designer ‘full time’, and I’m going to be working from home.

Along with the design side of things I’ll also be launching a couple of other services, an email marketing service, search engine optimisation (SEO) consulting service, and a couple of other things I’ll keep under my hat for now.

I’ve known of this work change for a month or so now and with that I’ve been concentrating on building up these services and getting new clients that I’ve not been able to put much / any work into achieving the goals I set in January. At the moment I’m putting every waking hour, outside of my 9-5, into client work and setting up the other services that I’ll be offering and of course that leaves little to no time for my blog. I’m hoping this will change once everything settles down after April 1st.

And of course the other big event that is happening is that my wife is pregnant, and that is beginning to change some of our routines and habits around the house.

Told you I had excuses!

When I started writing this article I thought I would end it with another list of goals, now that I’m coming toward the end of the article I’m not sure that I can actually do that as there’s so many things up in the air that I think setting some goals would be pointless and I’d only end up writing another article in a few months time saying I had more excuses. hrmmmm….

Maybe I’ll just set one;

  • Maintain this current blog design – With setting up all these business services, my portfolio, etc. one thing that concerned me was that I didn’t have a consistent theme or brand across them.

I’m one of these people that think creating a familiar brand is extremely important, and with that I’ve built up a theme that I can use across all of the sites and services and apart from the colour differences they’ll all look very familiar / quite similar. I see this as being a big plus when it comes to cross-promotion between the sites, just ask the guys at the Envato.

So there you have it, a couple of very large life changing events have thrown the ship off course…hrmm actually I wouldn’t say ‘off course’ more like onto another course. Ultimately my success or failure is in my own hands and while that is very scary, it’s also a very exciting time.

I know everything will work out for the best.

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