★ The fluffy clouds were always doomed

clouds.jpgThere was loads of fluffy white clouds in the sky this morning, they’ve probably already burnt off with the temperature rising pretty sharply this morning already. I’m really not into this heat. Drop it back to the mid-twenties, even up to about 28 isn’t too bad, but you can keep your 30 plus!

Supposed to be golfing tomorrow out at Gloucester, it’s looking like it’ll be a warm one out there with the predicted temp being around 33-35 degrees Celsius. *must remember to freeze some water bottles to take up*

Anyway, flat out at the moment putting the finishing touches on a couple of new client websites. Hope you’re happy, safe, and well wherever you are.

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My name is Mathew Packer, I live on the east coast of Australia in Newcastle with my wife Cath, my son Travis, and our dog Cherry Bomb.

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