★ dopplr, 2008 Personal travel report

dopplr personal travel log

dopplr sent out our 2008 Personal annual reports today. For the first time in a long time I really didn’t do a lot of travelling, in fact the longest and furthest trip I took this past year was to Hamilton Island for Cath and my honeymoon (dopplr shows it as Airlie Beach).

There were a whole lot of trips I didn’t log, ie. the first half of the year, as I hadn’t joined dopplr at that stage. This year I expect that my travel log will actually be a lot more detailed, specially considering all the weekend trips up to Gloucester to play golf.

Anyway, figured I would put this up on the blog as it is reasonably interesting, though no where near as interesting as Barack Obama‘s. If you’re already on dopplr, come say hi, if not maybe consider signing up.

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