★ HP DreamColor LP2480zx – product review


The 1st thing that you notice when you unpack the HP monitor is the size of it, everything these days has to be bigger and bigger, but I had a good feeeling about this one. There is certainly plenty of input choice for everyone, eg DisplayPort 1.1, HDMI 1.3, (2) DVI-I, analog, component, S-video, and composite inputs, and HDCP support for protected content.

So I set it up, turned the power on and the 1st message you get is a friendly reminder to let the HP warmup for 30minutes to achieve the best results, how good is that! I then loaded the drivers and calibrated the monitor to my system, then dived straight into Photoshop to test this bad boy out.

Once you set the HP monitor up the 2nd thing you notice straight away is the quality of the screen and the colour gammit (HP says over 1 Billion colours). If you run two monitors, the difference between the HP and any normal monitor is amazing, all of a sudden you realise what a piece of crap you have been using, this is one powerful display.


So off we go into Photoshop for a test drive, but 1st, lets match our Monitor colour workspace to our Photoshop colour workspace, via the touch of one button. I chose Adobe1998 as my workspacee from a list of 7 colour space presets (full gamut, Rec. 709 (HD television), sRGB, Rec. 601 (YUV 4:2:2), Adobe RGB, a user-defined colour space and DCI-P3, so easy.

The colour reproduction when using photoshop was amazing, rich colour display, lovely colour transitions, absolutely outstanding.


You can view it from any angle and not have a change of colour, there is no “Sweet spot”, this does not happen on cheaper Monitors. This makes you feel so confident when adjusting important images for clients, knowing full well that you colour is spot on.

And by the way, in addition, the LP2480zx can be used as a four-port USB hub that is accessed on the side of the monitor, now how handy is that.

It has, unquestionably, the best picture I’ve ever seen on any flat panel display, period!. The wide colour gamut means it can differentiate between even very similar tones with absolute ease.

This amazing panel is well worth the coin for colour conscious, from industry professionals to up and comers who need predictable and accurate colour.

Reviewed by Justin Jefferson

hp-monitor-1.jpg hp-monitor-3.jpg

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