★ More POV photos, even meatier than before!

Yesterday afternoon I went to the local butcher, I think they are Dunn’s off the top of my head, and grabbed a couple of pork loin steaks and a couple of New York Beef Steaks to throw on the BBQ. It was such a perfect evening for a BBQ, and of course a beer.




Cath likes her steak medium rare, hence the reason they’re barely cooked in this last photo, so I normally throw them on for 2-3 minutes each side when everything else has pretty well finished cooking

Anyway, quiet weekend ahead for me. Cath’s away in Melbourne so I’m just bumming around the house. I might throw together a couple of recipe blogs actually, mmmmm now I’m thinking about Stuffed Chicken Wings..le droool..

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My name is Mathew Packer, I live on the east coast of Australia in Newcastle with my wife Cath, my son Travis, and our dog Cherry Bomb.

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