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★ Another reason people don't like politicians..


I was going through all the news and things in my RSS reader this morning and came across this lovely piece in the Sydney Morning Herald about ex-premier of New South Wales Morris Iemma. His recent resignation received a lot of press, though it didn’t really come as a massive shock considering how much he’d screwed up recently, but this latest news of an apparent demand for a lifetime pension and all the other perks that come with being a premier.

Considering the current state of the economy in Australia, the utterly ridiculous state of our hospital and health system in New South Wales, and not to mention the rising cost of housing issues faced by many, I’m of the opinion that the former premier can go fuck off. (sorry for the expletive.) Why the hell should we the tax payers pay for you to have a full time driver and car for life, and a further $130,000 or so a year?

End rant.