★ My Spider sense is tingling!


Sunday afternoon is here, and almost gone, which means the weekend is almost over. Weekends just seem to go so fast these days, I really don’t know where the time goes anymore.

We’ve had a pretty quiet weekend around here, I’ve spent most of my time shifting furniture and having a bit of a spring clean. We’ve managed to de-clutter a couple of areas of our house that were bugging me, and hopefully we wont fall back into the habit of dumping stuff in those areas!

The only other thing I got up to this weekend was to start coding the new website that I’ve been hired to design / develop for a local appliance and furnishing rental company called Rent and Own. I put in about 4 hours or so today to build the new framework and build most of the style sheet, over the next couple of nights I’ll finish it all up and hopefully they like it.

I’m using WordPress as a content management system (CMS) for this company as their current website is all over the place and most of the php doesn’t seem to make any sense, not to mention there’s tonnes of duplicate code and redundant bits and pieces as well. At least with WordPress I can keep everything ordered and organised and if for some reason they decide in the future that they don’t want me to continue doing their updating it will be very easy for them to find another freelance web developer / designer to help them. (remember my rant on Friday afternoon)

Anyway, I’m about to head out and grab a drink with a friend and have a quick catch up. Have a great Sunday night everyone.

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