★ 24 hours of music video posts


It’s actually not what it sounds like really. Every hour from 10:55 am this morning I’ve been posting a new music video on I’m With The Band. There’s no real back story or point to it, at least I haven’t thought one up yet, I just felt like posting loads of videos.

Pretty well all the videos are of bands that most people, ie. the average music fan on the street, wouldn’t have heard of and probably won’t hear of again, unless of course they pique their interest. There’s only a couple of established artists amongst the group, ie. Oasis, Kings of Leon, Kanye West, and Alkaline Trio.

Some of my favorites so far have been xbxrx, Creature Feature, The Enemy, and Ida Maria. Ida Maria in particular is really awesome.

In other news, I’ve been contacted by one of the venues in Newcastle where I’ve photographed a ton of bands in the past and they’re putting together a permanent photo display of bands who have played there. I’ve got a huge archive of images of bands playing there so I’m donating a load to them which will be printed up, block mounted and on display.

I haven’t worked out what photos I’ll be giving them yet, they’re mostly after a mixture of the touring bands that have been through with a handful of the locals that frequent the place. Once I have decided on the images I’ll post them all here for your perusal.

Here’s one of the local bands up for consideration, Inane Eminence.

Inane Eminence

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