★ Advice for bands starting out – Part 2


So yesterday we had Part 1 of Advice for bands starting out where we covered things like social networking, recording a demo, putting together a press kit and even finalising the bands name. In this article we’ll continue on with some more basic advice that should hopefully get you on your way to rock stardom!

Let’s dive right in.


On myspace friend some key bands in your genre, friend some venues who book bands in a similar genre, and even a few promoters, talk to those bands, promoters and venues like your friends and don’t try to whore yourselves too much and don’t spam everyone with stupid bulletins and posters. The music industry works really well when everyone respects each other and when bands don’t act like primadonas.

If you’ve been following this advice there’s a pretty good chance that by now you should be getting the odd show booked.

Taking it further

If you’re wanting to go further, and you’re getting enough bookings and a positive response, then get a manager who is NOT someone in the band. You need someone who can handle the APRA registration of your music, someone who can book more gigs, someone who might be able to get you on support slots for bigger bands, someone who can really get the right press happening for you. And most importantly someone who can set the band up as a proper business!

More Recording!

If you’re a smart band, and / or you’ve got a manager who is good with the finances, you should be able to afford a CD quality recording, time to put together an EP start selling! You might also want to talk to a distributor about selling your EP in shops all over Australia, and online as well, though it is entirely possible to do it yourself these days.

Back to the website

On your website add a shop facility where people can buy your merch and music.

Hitting the road

Finance wise the band should be almost self sufficient now, time to take it on the road and try to get some gigs outside of your home town.

That about covers it. Yes it makes it all sound so simple, however if you go into the whole thing with a plan you’ve got a lot more chance of succeeding where so many good bands have failed in the past. Treat the band as a business, as well as trying to keep it fun, and you’ll have a big step ahead of so many other bands who are just hoping a record deal or something will just drop in their laps.

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