★ Website updates, still getting organised

Yesterday I wrote a quick post about trying to get organised, but I forgot to mention one of the biggest, most time consuming, jobs that I was going to try and undertake…

Editing, tagging, and generally tidying up EVERY post I’ve written in the last 8 months!

So far it’s coming along reasonably well. I’ve cleaned up, tagged and re-categorised about 20 articles and I’ve also managed to do a quick redesign on the blog theme itself. Fingers crossed I’ll get most of this completed later this afternoon.

One advantage, and the main reason I’m doing this massive job, is to get better advertising from Google. Since I started blogging I’ve always had pretty crap paying Google Adsense adverts from, however since I began focusing the articles and tagging them all properly I’ve began receiving much higher paying adverts and of course that has turned into larger payments in my Google Adsense account.

Anyway I better get back to the task at hand so I don’t get too side tracked and lose my place. Also I need to duck down to Newcastle Fishing Co-Op to pick up some fresh scallops and prawns for the risotto I’m making for dinner tonight.

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