★ Google, catching out lazy workers


Google Street View launched overnight in Australia, thanks to Kristarella for the heads up.

Now when you go to Google Maps now you can see blue outlines on all the streets that have been mapped so far, from my quick look around it seems that Google has been pretty busy as I’ve managed to find all the houses that I grew up in,

all my old schools, places I used to hang out in and pretty well all of the surf spots I used to go to.

Google has copped a load of crap previously about privacy breaches and things like that where they’ve clearly shown peoples number plates and also peoples faces. Meh, I don’t really care actually as I’ve already made the decision to stream so much of my life online but I’m sure there will of course be similar complaints made against Google Australia as so far I’ve found plenty of places with car number plates, a couple of faces, and even these ‘busy’ council road workers out the front of my work.

Anyway, it’s pretty cool so go check it out.

Disclaimer: I know these guys aren’t lazy, I’m just joking for the sake of stereotypes. 🙂