★ Been flat out all day

So this is a lazy man’s blog today. I might try and get something ‘nice n proper’ written up tonight but there’s no guarantee.

Just started to process of building a new photography portfolio site, I may even use this one for a while as I think it’s pretty cool in a simple ‘highlight the photos’ kind of way.

I’ve also started mocking up the MPM Records site, the new Pain Gone site with shop, and also a logo and website for a Newcastle based band called The Regalia. Anyone would think I was a web designer or something with all this happening.

Oh and I’ve been talking with the Reverb Street Press guys today about some changes with the I’m With The Band / Reverb Street Press website, hopefully we’re moving back to the magazine style site but it’s all dependent on them helping out with the content uploading.


Last but not least, one of my favourite Newcastle bands Here Come The Birds are in the finals of the UncharTED competition. Next Thursday is the grand final and before then you, my friends, can vote for them at the UncharTED website. If they win they’ll be playing one of Australia’s biggest music festivals, Splendour In The Grass. So do me a favour and go vote for them!